Tuesday, 14 May 2019

What's new in Oneplus 7

These are the few changes that were not available in OnePlus 6 :-

1) On screen fingerprint sensor. - On screen fingerprint was not available in Onplus 6. In Oneplus 6 it was located at back side of smartphone.

2) popup selfie camera - In OnePlus 6 selfie camera was available at the notch but in OnePlus 7, selfie camera is available at the top of the display in a popup with infinite display.

3) full infinity screen wothout any notch. - In OnePlus 6 there was a notch but in OnePlus 7 notch is not available instead there is infinite screen display with selfie camera at the popup.

4) Increase battery power of 3800 mAh. :-  In Oneplus 6 battery was of 3300 mAh but in Oneplus 7, it has increased to 3800 mAh.

5) Improved Rear Camera :-  Oneplus 6 use 12 + 20 MP camera for potrait mode images but in OnePlus 7 48 + 5 MP camera will be avialable at the back side of mobile.