Friday, 17 May 2019

how to take long scrolling screenshot in Redmi

Redmi is the best selling smarphone brand in India . The main reason of its success is the value that this company provides to their customers . Also its User Interface MIUI  provides almost all the features that a person require in its smartphone. It also gives the feature to take long or scrolling screenshots in their smartphones.

These are the steps to take long scrolling Screenshot in Redmi :-

1) At first go to the page or screen of which you want to take long scrolling screen shot.

2) Then take the screenshot of the top of the page or screen using any of three methods :-
     i) By pressing power button + volume down button simultaneously.
     ii) By sliding three fingers over the screen vertically.
     iii)  Using the notification bar to take screenshot.

3) After taking the screenshot tap on the screenshot popup located on the top-right of the screen.

4) A new screen will appear with 4 buttons at the bottom. Tap the Scroll Button to take long scrolling screenshot.

5) After tapping Scroll Button your screen will start scrolling, then tap on Done Button when your desired length of screenshot is scrolled or it will automatically stop at the end.

6) That's it, your long or scrolling screenshot is taken now.