Monday, 13 May 2019

How to record screen in Xiaomi or Redmi Smartphones

Xiaomi has an awesome screen recorder app which was launched with MIUI 8. It was not available before MIUI 8. Before the launch of MIUI 8 ,Xiaomi users had to download other third party screen recording apps which occupy both storage as well as system processes. You can record apps activity, games, videos or any other activities using default Xiaomi Screen Recorder.

Steps to record screen in Xiaomi or Redmi Mobiles are :-

1) Open the Screen Recording App  from app launcher.
2)  Tap on the Recording button located at bottom right of the screen.
3)  Tap on Start Button to start recording.
4)  Then tap on the stop button to stop the recording.
5) Your Screen Recording will be saved that can be viewed inside the
     recording app.

Above steps are shown below in form of images :-

How to record screen in Redmi Y3

How to record screen in Redmi Y3

Features of Xiaomi Screen Recorder :-

1. Very easy to use UI that can be easily operated by anybody.
2. Gives you the ability to customize video resolution and quality.
3. Subtitle adding feature available.
4.Floating play and paise button which makes your task very easy.

Xiaomi screen recorder is the perfect solution to make descriptive videos for demonstration or commercial purpose. Many youtuber use this app to make their descriptive youtube videos or tutorials using this app. You don't need any other screen recording app. If you have this app for most
of the purposes.