Thursday, 21 February 2019

How to see youtube videos in VR Mode

Youtube is a sea of videos and when you have a VR Headset , you will definitely want to see those youtube videos in VR mode .

These are the steps to see youtube videos in VR mode :

1) Open Youtube app in android.
2) Open the video that you want to see in VR Mode.
3)  Tap on the three dots on the right upper side of the video.

4) Now tap on Watch in VR and that's it . Now you can set your mobile in the VR headset and enjoy that youtube video.

For better experience of VR Headsets and 360 degree videos, I recommend you to download the cardboard app by Google Inc. After downloading and installing the cardboard app, the above process will be slightly different . First and Second steps will be same. Third step will vary depending upon whether you open a 36 degree video or a normal video :-

In normal video :-  Same step as stated above.

In 360 degree video :-  If you open a 360 degree video in youtube, you will se a google cardboard icon on the left of fullscreen icon. Just click on that and you are ready to watch that video in VR heeadset.