Friday, 1 February 2019

How to bulk resize images using riot.

There are many softwares to bulk resize images in pc but one of the best software for bulk resizing is riot .  It is a very lighwight software and very easy to use .

These are the steps to bulk resize images in riot : -

1)  Go to the folder in which the images to be resized are stored .
2) Open riot .
3) Click on tools . Then Click on Batch Optimizer.

How to open Batch Optimizer in riot

   Click on Batch with multiple blue floppy icon .

How to open Batch Optimizer in riot

4) Now the Batch Optimizer will open.

5) Then click on Add Images and select the images that you want to resize .
6) On the left side set the FileSize threshold in Kb . i.e set the maximum file size of the resized files         in the compress to size section .
   Set the width and height in pixels or in percentage for the resized images.
7) Set the output folder for the resized images.

Batch Optimizer Of Riot

8) At last click on Start  and all your resized images will be saved on output folders.