Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Samsung Galaxy M20 Vs Redmi Note 7 Which one should you buy

These are the two smartphones which are launched in nearly a month difference , Samsung galaxy M20 was launched on 5th February 2019 in India and redmi note 7 was launched on 28th February 2019 in India with a price of nearly Rs. 10,500 (expected). Since both of the smartphones are launched in nearly same time ,so a lot of people would be confused whether to buy which of these mobile as there prices are also similar.

Although Samsung has done a great work in improving the designs of their smartphones but the performance of their smartphone is not that great yet whereas Redmi has continued its good performance in a low price but not introduced anything new and interesting from their previous version of smartphones of this range except the 48 MP rear camera.

These are the specs which are same in both the smartphones :-

1) Both have 6.3'' screens.
2) Both have front camera of 5MP.
4) Both have octa-core processor.
5) Both have same weight of 186 grams.
6) Both comes with waterdrop notch.
7) Both have video recording of 1920x1080 @ 30 fps.
8) Both have quick charging facilities.
9) Both have rear fingerprint sensors.

These are the key differences between both the smartphones which can influence your buying dedcision :-

1) Redmi Note 7 has 48MP rear camera but Samsung Galaxy M20  has 13MP camera.
2) Redmi Note 7 has 4000 mAh battery whereas Samsung Galaxy M20 has 5000 mAh battery.
3) Redmi Note 7 has  Android v9.0 (Pie) whereas Samsung Galaxy M20 has Android V8.0(Oreo).
4) Redmi Note 7 has  IPS LCD display while Samsung Galaxy M20 has TFT display.
5) Redmi Note 7 has camera physical aperture F1.8 while Samsung Galaxy M20 has camera physical aperture F2.0  .

Samsung Galaxy M20 Vs Redmi Note 7

Thursday, 21 February 2019

How to see youtube videos in VR Mode

Youtube is a sea of videos and when you have a VR Headset , you will definitely want to see those youtube videos in VR mode .

These are the steps to see youtube videos in VR mode :

1) Open Youtube app in android.
2) Open the video that you want to see in VR Mode.
3)  Tap on the three dots on the right upper side of the video.

4) Now tap on Watch in VR and that's it . Now you can set your mobile in the VR headset and enjoy that youtube video.

For better experience of VR Headsets and 360 degree videos, I recommend you to download the cardboard app by Google Inc. After downloading and installing the cardboard app, the above process will be slightly different . First and Second steps will be same. Third step will vary depending upon whether you open a 36 degree video or a normal video :-

In normal video :-  Same step as stated above.

In 360 degree video :-  If you open a 360 degree video in youtube, you will se a google cardboard icon on the left of fullscreen icon. Just click on that and you are ready to watch that video in VR heeadset.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

how to change theme in Samsung M20 & M10

how to change theme in Samsung M20 & M10
These are the steps to change theme in samsung m20 & m10 :

1) Go to homescreen.
2) Then Long Press on homescreen.
3) On the bottom of the screen three buttons will appear , tap on themes button.
4) After tapping themes button, you will see only one theme if u haven't download any    theme yet. If u have dowloaded themes before it will appear there, choose one of them and that's it  your theme is set.
5) If you haven't downloaded theme, download the theme and set it and you are done.

 That's it, this is the process to change or set new theme in Samsung M20 & M10.

How to change wallpaper in Samsung M20 & M10

How to change wallpaper in Samsung M20 & M10
These are the steps to change wallpaper in samsung m20 & m10 :

1) Go to homescreen.
2) Then Long Press on homescreen.
3) On the bottom left of the screen Wallpapers button will appear , tap on that .
4) After tapping wallpaper button, you will see a bunch of wallpapers at the top of the screen located
    below My Wallpapers heading.
5) Then choose one of the wallpapers and then three options will appear at bottom of page -
      i) Home screen ii) Lock screen iii) Home & lock screen . Choose one of the options according
       to your need.
6) That's it your wallpaper is now set.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

How to make your android mobile rings when only specific people calls and silent for others.

These are the steps to make your android mobile rings when only specific people calls and silent for others:
1). At first go to settings.
2)  Then in the PERSONAL section tap on Sound & Vibration.
3)  After that tap on Silent/DND in the SOUND section.
4) Now tap on DND .
5) After clicking DND, new options will appear. Then tap on Allow incoming calls.
6) A popup will appear , On that popu tap on From starred contacts only.
7) Thats it, now your mobile will ring only when contacts which are marked as favourite will call you.

The above steps with their corresponding images are shown below.






Saturday, 16 February 2019

Ration Card Jharkhand cannot select Bank Branch Issue Solved

These is a very serious issue in the aahaar Jharkhand Website that you cannot select the bank branch in when you are filling form to apply for new Ration Card. There are no options to choose when you click on the select button of Ration Card Website.

To fix this issue there are two ways :-

First Way :-  Fill the bank details at first when after choosing Gaanv/Ward  (गांड/वार्ड) .

Second Way :-  If u have filled the form and you are not able to select bank branch then reslect Jila (जिला), block (ब्लॉक) and gaanv (गाँव) of other place and when an option come to select branch of other place then again select the place where you are living right now.

Thats it , These are the two ways to solve this problem .

Friday, 15 February 2019

How to set screen timeout in Mi / Redmi Smartphones

It is a tricky to find screen timeout settings in MI/Redmi smartphones .

These are the steps to set screen timeout in Mi/Redmi Smartphones :-

1) At first go to Settings in your Mi/Redmi Smartphone.

2) Then tap on Lock Screen & Password under System & Device Section.

3) Now under the LOCK SCREEN section tap on SLEEP  and select the time for screen timeout .

Thursday, 14 February 2019

How can we pay College/School fees using SBI Collect

Many colleges and schools in india now allow you to pay your fees using SBI collect. These are the steps to pay your college or school fees using SBI Collect :-

1) Go to online SBI website by clicking this link   https://onlinesbi.com/  .

2) Now click on SB Collect Tab.

3) Now in this new page check the checkbox to accept Terms & Conditions  and then click Proceed.

4) Now you will have two select  box  :-
      i) In first select box you will have to State of Your College /School.
      ii)  In the second select box type of corporation , in that you will have to select                       Educational  Institutions option  and then click on Go .

5) After that you will be redirected to a new page  where you will have to select the   Name of your Institution in the select box . Just select and click Submit.

6) Now you will have to enter registration number. Enter registration number and proceed. After that you will get a form created by college. Just fill the fields that are marked important with red asterisk (*) mark.

7)  At the bottom of the page you will see another form by SBI . Just fill your   name, mobile  numberdate of birth and captcha and click proceed.

8) Now you will be directed to payment page. Just complete the payment and you are done.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

How to check if aadhaar card is linked with mobile number

To check if aadhaar card is linked with your mobile number , there are two ways :- 

1)  By filling the whole form in Download Aadhar Card Section in UIDAI website  https://uidai.gov.in/.

2) Easier Way - Just entering your aadhar card number and check whether linked with mobile                                        number or not .

In this post I will show how to check whether your mobile number is linked with your aadhaar card using the easier way which is the second way.

These are the steps to check your  whether your mobile number is linked with your aadhaar card by just entering your aadhaar mobile number and captcha :-

1) Open the UIDAI website using this link  https://uidai.gov.in   .
2) Take your mouse pointer to My Aadhaar .

3) Now a new table will open .  Under the Aadhaar Service  section click on Verify an Aadhaar Number .

3) A new page will open . Enter your Aadhaar Number in the field provided in this page, then enter captcha or security code and click on Verify.

4) Now if your mobile number is registered with Aadhaar Card you will see last three digit of your mobile number after some xxxxxxx and if your mobile number is not registered, you will see a message that your mobile number is not registered.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

how to auto forward specific emails in gmail

If you want to learn how to forward specific emails in gmail , you are at the right place. There are many situation where we want to forward specific emails in gmail to other email account . It may be because you want to keep emails from a particular sender seperate so that you dont miss any of its email or any other reason.

To forward specific emails in gmail there are mainly two steps :-

1) Add an email address to which you want to forward your emails.
2) Filter the emails which you want to forward.

1)  To add an email address for forwarding your emails follow these steps :-
     i)  Login to your gmail account.
    ii) Click on the gear icon on the top right side of the page and then click on settings.

    iii) After that click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

    iv) Now click on Add a forwarding address available in the Forwarding section and enter the
         email address to which you want to forward your selected emails.

    v)  A confirmation link will be sent to your email account , just click on that link to confirm your             email address. Now the first step is finished.
2)  To filter the emails that you want to forward follow these steps :-
     i)   Follow step i  to step iii  of step 1.
     ii)   Then click on create a filter link available in Forwarding section  after the text   - "Tip you
            can also forward only some of your email by creating a filter". Click on that link.

     iii)  After clicking that a new filter box will open with field such as From,To,Subject,Have the
            word , doesn't have and size . These are the filters which can be used to filter emails for
            differnet purposes like forwarding , deleting it, send it to spam folder instead of inbox and
           many more .

   iv)  Now add the email address that you want to forward in the From field or use any other filter to
         filter forwarding emails .You can use multiple filter at a time also.
   v)  After entering the filters , click on create filter button. Then a  list of checkboxes will
         appear . Check the checkbox with text Forward it to . Now click on choose an address drop
         down and choose the email address in which you want to forward your email and click on
         create filter button .



    Thats it , now all your filtered emails will be forwarded to that email address.


Note : -  A noitce in pink colour will appear on the top with text   " Your filters are forwarding some of your emails to  given email address" .  This is just a notice to remind you that some of your 

Friday, 1 February 2019

How to bulk resize images using riot.

There are many softwares to bulk resize images in pc but one of the best software for bulk resizing is riot .  It is a very lighwight software and very easy to use .

These are the steps to bulk resize images in riot : -

1)  Go to the folder in which the images to be resized are stored .
2) Open riot .
3) Click on tools . Then Click on Batch Optimizer.

How to open Batch Optimizer in riot

   Click on Batch with multiple blue floppy icon .

How to open Batch Optimizer in riot

4) Now the Batch Optimizer will open.

5) Then click on Add Images and select the images that you want to resize .
6) On the left side set the FileSize threshold in Kb . i.e set the maximum file size of the resized files         in the compress to size section .
   Set the width and height in pixels or in percentage for the resized images.
7) Set the output folder for the resized images.

Batch Optimizer Of Riot

8) At last click on Start  and all your resized images will be saved on output folders.