Tuesday, 1 January 2019

How to set Jio Tunes in Jio Saavn App

Jio Saavn is the app which was made by the integration of Jio Music App and Saavn app . Jio Music got updated to JioSaavn app in each and everyone's mobile phone . All Jio users will get a 90 free trial of this JioSaavn App afterwards they will have to pay for JioSaavn Pro Subscription.

Following are the steps to set Jio Tunes in Jio Saavn App :-

1) First open your JioSaavn App.

2) Just choose a song that yo want to set as your jio tune  and play .

3) When you play a song a green colour text will show that Jio tune is available or not at the bottom        of the app under the song name.

4) Just click on the song name , a new page will open .

5) In this new page just click on the Set JioTune button under the song name .

6 ) After clicking  a popup will appear , click on Set Jiotune green button on the popup.

7) Now you will get toast message in green colour that your Jiotune has been set followed by your           mobile number and you will get a confirmation message that your Jiotune has been set .