Sunday, 20 January 2019

How to connect Facebook Instant Article with Blogger

Facebook Instant Articles is Facebook's new native publishing platform which is built to solve the problem of slow loading articles . With Facebook Instant Articles your articles will be loaded instantly as it will be hosted by facebook itself.

These are the steps to connect fb instant articles with your blog hosted in blogger :-

1 ) Sign up for Instant Article

To connect facebook instant article with blogeer , the first step is to signup for facebook instant article. To do this visit this link

2) Choose you fb page
After signing up using your facebook account , you need to choose the page for which you want to activate the Instant Article . To complete the signup process check the checkbox that says I agree with your terms and conditons and click Acess Instant articles tools button .

4) After completing the signup process , you will be directed to your facebook page for which u opted to activate instant article . You will be redirected to publishing tools.

5) In the publishing tools you will see a new tab called instant articles , now you will have to click on configuration which would be located below the instant articles tab .

6) Now go to the tools section and click on connect to site .

7) Next copy the meta tag and paste below the head tag of your home page .

8) To paste this meta tag below head tag of your home page log into your blogger account and click on Theme Tab .

9) Now click on the Edit HTML button .

10 ) Now find the head tag and paste the meta tag that you copied from facebook instant article
       configuration tab below this head tag  and click on Save Theme .


11 ) Now go back to your fb page and paste the URL of your home page in configuration site in connect_site section and click on the Submit URL button .

12) Thats it your website is now connected to instant articles.

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