Sunday, 23 December 2018

Login Into Other Mobile - UTS App

UTS is an app that is used to book unreserved ticket in India . You can book as many ticket as you want with this app but you will have to be 25-30 metres away from the station to book ticket using this app . But there is a system in this app that is unlike other apps that you use , in this app if u want to login into another mobile you can not just logout from previous mobile and login into the new one . It is not that simple in this app to login into another mobile phone . You will have to follow some procedure to login into another mobile phone .

These are the steps to login in UTS on  another mobile :-

1) Open the UTS app in your mobile in which you are logged in.
2)  Then click on the PROFILE option .

3)  Find the option named CHANGE HANDSET from the list .

4) A popup will come with heading Change handset Request  and Options of Quit and OK .

5) Click on OK.
6 )  After clicking OK your handset change request will be successful  and you wil be autmatically be logged out from this app.
7) Now logout from this device and login into another device using same credentials .

This was the procedure to log into another mobile in UTS app .


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