Wednesday, 26 December 2018

How to reduce internet speed of others on TP-Link router

TP-Link are one of the best router in todays world . It give you a lot of settings to customize your router . Follow these steps to decrease internet speed of others in TP Link router :-

1) First connect your pc or laptop or smartphone to router.
2) Type in your browser and press enter .

3 ) then click on DHCP and then DHCP clients list .

4 )  In DHCP clients list you will get the list of devices connected to the router along with their mac address and assigned IP address by router.
5) Now note the IP address of the device of which you want to reduce internet speed .
6) Now go to IP  QOS settings . It stands for quality of service . It is used to set bandwidth limit to any device connected to router.

7) Now first enable IP QOS using checkbox on the top of page .
8) Now add the IP address you copied to both side of IP range and set the bandwidth in kbps.

9) Now select Maximum Bandwidth Limit in Mode and check if Enable checkbox is checked .
10) Save the setting and you are done.

If u want to permanently reduce speed of a particular device permanently , then after step 4 follow these steps :-
1) In DHCP clients list note the mac address of the device of which you want to reduce speed.
2) Then go to Address Reservation inside DHCP tab . In this, you can assign a particular IP address         to a device permanently .
3) Paste the mac address and assign the IP address like , X can be any digit between        1 to 9.

4) Now go to IP QOS and add that IP  whatever value you have placed in place of X       in step 3 in both side of range .
5)  Set bandwidth , select Maximum Bandwidth Limit in Mode and  check if Enable checkbox is checked on right side .
6) Save the settings and you have successfully completed the process of reducing internet speed of a device permanently .

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