Wednesday, 26 December 2018

How to reduce internet speed of others on TP-Link router

TP-Link are one of the best router in todays world . It give you a lot of settings to customize your router . Follow these steps to decrease internet speed of others in TP Link router :-

1) First connect your pc or laptop or smartphone to router.
2) Type in your browser and press enter .

3 ) then click on DHCP and then DHCP clients list .

4 )  In DHCP clients list you will get the list of devices connected to the router along with their mac address and assigned IP address by router.
5) Now note the IP address of the device of which you want to reduce internet speed .
6) Now go to IP  QOS settings . It stands for quality of service . It is used to set bandwidth limit to any device connected to router.

7) Now first enable IP QOS using checkbox on the top of page .
8) Now add the IP address you copied to both side of IP range and set the bandwidth in kbps.

9) Now select Maximum Bandwidth Limit in Mode and check if Enable checkbox is checked .
10) Save the setting and you are done.

If u want to permanently reduce speed of a particular device permanently , then after step 4 follow these steps :-
1) In DHCP clients list note the mac address of the device of which you want to reduce speed.
2) Then go to Address Reservation inside DHCP tab . In this, you can assign a particular IP address         to a device permanently .
3) Paste the mac address and assign the IP address like , X can be any digit between        1 to 9.

4) Now go to IP QOS and add that IP  whatever value you have placed in place of X       in step 3 in both side of range .
5)  Set bandwidth , select Maximum Bandwidth Limit in Mode and  check if Enable checkbox is checked on right side .
6) Save the settings and you have successfully completed the process of reducing internet speed of a device permanently .

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Login Into Other Mobile - UTS App

UTS is an app that is used to book unreserved ticket in India . You can book as many ticket as you want with this app but you will have to be 25-30 metres away from the station to book ticket using this app . But there is a system in this app that is unlike other apps that you use , in this app if u want to login into another mobile you can not just logout from previous mobile and login into the new one . It is not that simple in this app to login into another mobile phone . You will have to follow some procedure to login into another mobile phone .

These are the steps to login in UTS on  another mobile :-

1) Open the UTS app in your mobile in which you are logged in.
2)  Then click on the PROFILE option .

3)  Find the option named CHANGE HANDSET from the list .

4) A popup will come with heading Change handset Request  and Options of Quit and OK .

5) Click on OK.
6 )  After clicking OK your handset change request will be successful  and you wil be autmatically be logged out from this app.
7) Now logout from this device and login into another device using same credentials .

This was the procedure to log into another mobile in UTS app .

Friday, 21 December 2018

How to solve MPL money withdrawal problem

Now ,MPL has become one of the most popular android app to play games and earn money . But there are certain problems in this app . One of the major problem of this app is its money withdrawal problem . In this article we will see how we can solve this problem and withdraw our money.

These are the steps to solve the problem :-

1) First go to wallet tab located at bottom right corner of the application.

2)  Then click the help option .

3) BY clicking this , a new page will open with heading  Frequently Asked Questions.

4) Go to bottom of this page . You will find a option named Help & Support , click on that option .

5) After clicking that option a new page will open , this page will contain a form .

This form will have the following fields :-

i) Your Name .
ii) Mobile number you are using for playing MPL .
iii) Your Email .
iv) Help Category.
v) Subject.
vi) Issue details.

First write your name , mobile number and email .Then in the help category, choose money withdrawal issues , On the issue details write how much money you have and what type of withdrawal problem you are facing . In the subject field write money withdrawal issue .Finally submit the form .

After submitting the form MPL team will reply you in your given email address. If there will be any problem , they will email you the full proccess to solve that problem .

Thursday, 13 December 2018

How to get jio music playlist in jio saavn app

In the new jio saavn app , the user interface is changed a lot . So many users will find it difficult to find the playlist of songs that they have created earlier in the Jio music app.

Steps to get to your older Jio Music playlist :-

1) Open the JioSaavn app in your android mobile.
2) Click on the My Muusic tab on the right bottom corner of the app.

3 ) When you will click on MyMusic tab , a new page will open with lists of songs , albums ,artists etc which you had added in your JioMusic app .

4) Click on the songs lists that will appear on the top of the list along with number of songs that you have added to playlist earlier..

5)After clicking the songs list , you wll get lists of all songs that you had added in your JioMusic playlist earlier .

6)  Now play and enjoy your favourite songs .

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Jio Music and Saavn merges into Jio Saavn App

On 4th Dec Saavn Media Private Limited  Launched Jio Saavn  in partnership with  jio music . Jio's Music Platform Jio Music and popular Music streaming app Saavn officially integrates to launch a new app named JioSaavn app . It is named by combining the name of the two apps .This app is available for both Android and iOS users in Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively .
You can also download this app from Jio app store in jio phones as well as from its official website . Link to its official website is

It is a turning point for the music streaming app industries in India . This app is India's reply for the apps like sptify and Apple's Itunes .Since spotify is also laying its groundwork for entry in the indian market . Now hard times have come for the other similar apps in india like Gaana , Wynk etc . Now it will be really hard to compete with this music streaming app .

This app will be served as freemium model in india , it means it will be free as well as a paid model of this app will also be available as pro version . Also , Jio subscribers will get a 90 day free  trial of pro version of this app . By doing this Jio repeated its tradition to give 90 day free trial and this trick of Jio works always .

After the tie up of Jio Music app and Saavn , the Saavn co-founders Rishi Malhotra , Paramdeep Singh and Vinodh Bhat are still the leader of this app and will continue in making the app more successful along with their 200 employees .